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Adventure Stories nr 4 - FULUFJÄLLET - Who Let the Dogs Out?

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

"This weekend I did something that was among the coolest things I've ever experienced. Together with 30 super nice huskies and a group of amazing people I drove around with my dawgs in the mountains and played polar expedition in Fulufjället. We had a great deal of weather, to get water was an hour long project, and sometimes you were forced to wear goggles when going to the toilet because the snow was so thick and smashed like knives in the wind. But it was also magical and a nature's experience that I'll never forget. Thanks Malin and Kajsa from Adventure Stories for well organized, thanks Stina and Erika for friendship and car-pooling. This will make me smile for days." -Anders Eriksson, guest.

Ooookeeeey, I thought I'd experienced dog sledding before. Well I have! Last year I lived in the arctic paradise of Lyngen for a month at Camp Tamok. But there's just something xtra to it when you organize it yourself for our 4th ever Adventure Stories trip, this time as a collab with ​Fjälläventyr. "Wow, everyone just can't stop smiling" was my first instinct thought. To get fed by positive energy from your guests is probably the best thing you can get as a guide. My job is to feed them with mine, and the clearest receipt that you're doing your job good is when they give it back and it makes my job even so much better. That's also my whole point in doing this! :) Just like commuting to the office, meet people in the city, get stuck in traffic jam... positive vibes is life isn't it? Everyone has their loads to carry, but nothing gets better and easier if everyone don't help spreading that smile.

So the dogs, our 30 colleagues. So clean and healthy, their behaviors and manners, they even smelled good and that involuntary kiss from Sarek was surprisingly fresh. My heart rests even more when I see how Fjälläventyr's Ludde handle his family members and when I see 30 wild animals live so peacefully together.

We headed out over white wide open mountain landscapes far from wifi. It was quite warm but a snowstorm at 20 m/s, and since everyone looked just like Mt Everest it felt as though we were out on an expedition over Greenland's enormous glacier. Our to the South pole. The fantasy makes the experience even greater and even if we only reached 20km straight into the national park, it felt like we could just as well have been let off right in the middle of a super remote place, which makes this whole thing so exotic. And the fact that we have fire-heated cabins, a sauna and tasty and colorful homemade vegetarian food, doesn't make the experience less grande. An adventure doesn't have to include every piece of simplicity. Because if the fantasy helps creating those feelings that you want to experience, and you get warmth, shelter and food simultaneously, then one can only smile all the way through the whole body also in energy-consuming situations that a snow storm can be if you're tired, cold and hungry.

This trip will become a replay, that's for sure!

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