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The every day life of a Swedish adventurer, expedition guide, founder of Adventure Stories, founder of Nordinary, Senior UX designer, content creator, product developer and livsnjutare living in Åre and part-time in a tent (50-200 nights/year).


Can’t really believe how viral it all went! We wanted to sell some of our own stuff and since a lot of people just sit on a bunch of gear they never or rarely use, since gear is so expensive and since many people don’t want to buy new stuff due to economical and/or environmental reasons, the needs of buying used stuff felt like a no-brainer. So we just organized one this weekend!

We didn’t put any effort into spreading the word about our first outdoor fair that we organized at Downtown Camper this weekend - we didn’t need to. But our FB-event still got shared 100 times, reached 268k people, 8.2k people showed interest in coming and 1.3k people said yes. The area was so sweaty and packed with people so that the hotel had to make a line outside to let 5 out - 2 in, which made the line stretch all around the building. So crazy!! (This lil video down below is from before the storm).

THANK YOU everyone for coming and for sharing so much love about our loppis!! We’re SOOO happy everything went so well, that you who sold stuff are super pleased and that you visitors and buyers came back home with such great gear as skis, functional jackets, running backpacks, surf boards, etc. We will def do this again!! At least we know that you’ll find our outdoor-loppis at another place in April. It’s a bit of a surprise atm so till later: SAVE THE DATE!

  • Writer's pictureKajsa Silow

On the 18th of December I got a really bad flu. For 4 nights I actually thought I was really gonna die, I was in really bad condition and just breathing was a mission. It took me a month to get better and I've missed all those days with friends visiting, pink sunrises and views from the top. But so yesterday I finally got back outside to experience the best thing I know: shifting weather, strong winds, a mountain, a snowboard, a backpack filled with daily needs for spontaneity, and a forest filled with fresh powder down below. My first ride of 2019 will keep me smiling for days! WHAT A FEELING!

  • Writer's pictureKajsa Silow

In December I joined my friends to Kallsjön. Unfortunately I was suffering from a really bad flu so I came to film some and do something else than just laying inside waiting to become well again. I wanted to surf real badly and since it doesn't happen too often in Åre you feel like you want to consider forgetting about being sick and jumping in anyways. But I was too bad of a condition so filming was enough of a challenge for me that day.

Anyways, here's a little clip from what it's like to surf in Åre. Enjoy!

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