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The Studio

With 14 professional years of forming ideas to successful businesses in the tech, product design and outdoor industries, I'm here to help startups as well as renown companies to formulate the user journey to strengthen their brand. I work with innovative ideas and strategic design processes to build and bring products, services, events, visuals and experiences to market!

Track, observe and analyze results of the solution.


Present results, plan implementation process and support development of the final design deliveries. Check if the design is following the product standards.


Empathically understand the the problem, business goals and the user’s pains and needs. Gain insights and data to provide clarity for the hypothesis, decision making and process planning. 


UX Design

Validate KPI's and behavioral metrics from qualitative and quantitative tests. Certify the hypothesis, validate usability and detect flaws before implementation.


Formulate hypotheses of solutions on the requirements and data from the previous phase. Define and build concepts and user journeys.


Turn the hypotheses into tangible usable solutions using lofi and hifi prototypes to ensure team goals and improve concepts. Mockup, test, analyze, iterate.


Good UX is Good Business

Whether it's about building products, services. digital interfaces, experiences or stories, the design thinking process is the same. By putting the user in center and empathically understanding the problem or need, I help companies in all industries with bringing their products closer to the users and business strategies closer to their goals.

Why Design is Important?

By building a business from the user's perspective, design helps strengthening customer relationships, building loyalty, communicating brand values and building usable products to increase conversion rates and customer satisfaction. Design should enrich your day, so let's create products, relationships, experiences and stories that matter!

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