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 Free diving with Annelie Pompe
Adventure prep course for me and Sören Kjellqvist on Hälsö, Sweden, May 2016

At the "Vildmarksmässa" in Stockholm, my adventure friend Sören Kjellqvist told me all about his summer where he would bring free diving equipment, horses and kayaks to an Island south of Lofoten to stay there for a month with his daughter. To prep he was getting a course from our common friend the Mt Everest climber and world record free-diver Annelie Pompe.


"Join us!"

Well, as a surfer, all-seasons dipper, ocean lover, adventurer, sea kayaker, high altitude expedition guide, and hobby physiologist, I saw it as a perfect thing to explore more organized and professionally, to develop my skills and train to become even better. After a weekend with theory, lung yoga, breathing techniques, and free-diving at Hälsö, I feel even more at home underneath the surface. And one thing that hit me was the colors of the west coast. If you only look from the surface it looks brown and dull. But when you dive deeper down and come closer to observe, you find a sparkling exotic burst in color, colorful fishes and seals. Exploring the world underneath the surface is one of the most amazing and exotic things I know, and hopefully, one day I even get to integrate it in my "daily" life too.

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