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AW in Paradiset

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

When in Stockholm.

On Thursday I put myself and my tent on a night train down to Stockholm, to return only two days later. A total of 10 hrs south and 10 hrs back up north for an after work, that is. Well, not just any after work - we held out first aw with Adventure Stories out in Paradiset outside the city, this time in collab with Grönstedts Cognac. One that meant a warm early summer night, dipping in the lake, amazing vegetarian and vegan food and cooking over fire, some cognac-tasting, to pic food and eatable plants in the forest, still and sunny weather, a mental min-vacay from the daily do's, 15 friends and friends of friends, some guests from our previous trips and sometime to just be by the fire till late. Just like my "daily" life in the mountains.

I've wanted to do more events ang hangouts with Adventure Stories, but everything has its turn and since we're new and don't make any money (yet?) we need to keep our other jobs on the side. And to run up the mountain daily, and watch sunsets, hang with friends, plan talks, organize trips, and be spontaneous, and move my nomading kinda lifestyle... And to not stress of course.

The "and"-list is endless why it's important to plan and prioritize so there's always time to workout, get daylight and spontaniety every day. I never wanna fel as though I don't have time to do that which I wanna keep in my life. To never see daylight. To never feel I don't have time to take care of myself. To never stress.

Cus without it I don't get anywhere and become someone I don't wanna be.

Photo: jag, Malin Fränberg och Calle Magnusson

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