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Photoshoot Adventure Stories x Everest

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

For Adventure Stories we've started a paid partnership with Everest (Stadiums brand and the biggest in Europe). It all started last summer when we "spontaneously" mashed together a pitch of a content idea we had from Lofoten with two American guys (@chandler_borries and @alex_s_heil) who we met on Sri Lanka a few months earlier. Stadium liked the idea and we brought two moving boxes filled with clothes and gear up to Lofoten to create content (photo and film) with clothes from Everest when we were up there for our two trips with Adventure Stories. It's been told that our content went viral internally within the company and we've seen our stuff published in display windows, counters, news letters and as internal presentation material within the organisation etc. So fun!! But most of all we're having great fun when working for and with them so our collab has turned into a bigger ambassadorship for 2019 within outdoor/adventure between Adventure Stories and Everest. We want to lift their brand as great product for more people, equalize them with other outdoor brands on the market for the universal adventure person, help them create better sustainability/environmental thinking in their product development process and inspire to a design that which men and above all women like, want and need today. They in turn want to support our work with getting more people out in nature and influencing them to an active lifestyle, and spread good and honest communication, marketing and product placement through us.

We've planned out quite a bit of different gigs for this next coming half year and last week I was down in Stockholm for a few days to shoot spring clothes for Everest together with Agnes Maltesdotter (@undanflykter) as photographer/filmmaker and me, Malin and Petter Ahldén as models. It's probably something I'll never do again - modelling all dressed in spring clothes in winter-freezing temperatures with my cold body made me look like I'd eaten a batch of blueberries for the weekend. It might not create great trust wither to shoot functional outdoor clothes with blue lips and a stiff body hahaha! Well, Agnes usually makes magic out of her work so I believe she will catch this as a pro as well! Here are some teaser snaps, I'll show you the result later!

(Frames from film by Agnes Maltesdotter)

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