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Life with 7 jobs

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

One day a breakfast hostess, the other project leader meeting, the third a meeting with my sponsors, the fourth relaunch of, the fifth expeditinos guide, the sixth senior ux design projects, the seventh lunch hostess... All to enable a living in the mountains.

I think one of the toughest things with living a different lifestyle is the social parts. And one of the most frequent comments about me is that I "work all the time", even in periods when I never work. From my perspective it's the opposite. I just work different times during the day, mostly from 6-10 am and 4-8 pm (ish). Sometimes more, sometimes less, some full days, some days not at all. Because I wanna be outside during daylight and go snowboarding when the sun is up, do lots of adventure training, enable running my own and our company and follow the weather. But for me I'm always free, always on vacay, always flexing and always following the weather.

For 12 years I was aiming to enable this lifestyle. 3 years ago it finally happened. But to change it back to a 9-5 job where I never see the sun, never have time for my passions outside but on weekends and vacays, always feeling incomplete and meaningless, and always waiting for those free days to make it happen... eeeh come again?

But with my choice in lifestyle I've also found those who accept that I'm "different" and some who live the same. So thanks everyone who understand and accept that it's our timing that doesn't work out, it's not me who don't prioritize you. But somehow there's still some ideas about following norms that need to be killed, and I shouldn't even have to say thanks to those who understand and accept. People live different lives, in different worlds, with different aims and goals. I've worked my ass off to be out on the mountain every day during daylight, so wouldn't it be a shame if I closed the door and stayed inside when the sun is up instead of getting some vitamin D and physical activity in fresh air? My suggestion? Quit your job, make a deal with your boss and follow me out on the mountain when the world is painted in pink!

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