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Haglöfs photoshoot on Gotland

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

You know when you can let go of everything, let someone else decide everything - when to eat, how to stand and walk, where to go, what to wear, but still get free boundaries in being as natural as possible and do just what you would do if you went there alone. Like having a pt, but a pt over life. And when you're 5 people who go on a 5-day-life-pt-trip, it apparently turn into a playground. That!

Last weekend me Malin, Silja, Thomas and Tim went to Gotland with photographer Hasse and stylist Malin from Haglöfs for a photoshoot. For 5 days we have screamed to Backstreet Boys, bicycled with kites, played bullseye with stones, laughed our hearts out by inside boomerang-jokes, eaten too much fruit from the breakfast buffet, taken morning runs through the world's best psychology pods over idyllic Visbyic streets and swam in the ocean.

Two weeks ago I came back home from an amazing Adventure Stories trip to Fulufjället, and the week after I went to Gotland for a shoot. I just love contrasts! It's superlative, I know, but I do. And I love having my jobs like this, to not really know what's waiting next week, to go to different places and meet different people, to have shitloads of responsibility and to have none, to work alone in the mountains and to head down to the city and be surrounded by people, to give and take inspiration and to create great things together!

But I hate flying. Yes, I hate it. Superlative again, true again. Not the experience per se, I love the experience, but I hate the fact that I'm moving my ass as a contributor to environmental destruction such a short distance. I am a contributor just being alive as a human being, we all are, but we can chose our occasions. Like never flying domestic for instance and take the train as much as ever possible. And you know I do (at least if you've followed me over time). This time I travelled for work and that can lead to many other opportunities, but this time I couldn't choose the train, there was no chance whatsoever. So in this case my heart would've said no, but my ego chose differently and picked a job that would give me 5 days of great fun with friends, new friends, new opportunities, to find more inspiration, new energy and engagement in being an environmentally "perfect" human being the rest of the 360 days that are left of the year.

Anyways, so Gotland, my dream destination since I was a child – thanks for letting me visit! Such a super picturesque and beautiful little island that I need to back to next summer, next time with train and boat of course! Sorry for not showing any images from the shoots, during the 5 days we only wore clothes that were secret of course. So keep your eyes open, in June-Oct you'll see the result at various places!

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